7.8 pounds of lousy parenting

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Basically Mer is being a crappy friend to Alex after he has been there for her unconditionally this season and Arizona is still making career decisions for him even though she has no right to do so. And it’s not like half of the board members are also head of their departments, but apparrently Alex Karev is the only one who couldn’t handle both at the same time.
Really, how can Alex be so forgiving? I don’t understand.

I just hope Cristina isn’t so forgiving and she’ll come back to kick their asses to take the board seat away from Alex.

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Alex Karev Shower Appreciation.


What’s your problem? Meredith and Alex 11.03

Grey’s Anatomy - Anatomia de Grey


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Don’t get me wrong, I love Miranda Bailey. But Alex WANTED that board position so badly. He was inspired and thought he would be good for it. Bailey felt entitled to it. She felt she deserved it. She wanted it (in part) to get her genome lab back (which I still don’t get. She’s a surgeon, not a clinical geneticist, but I digress).

I love Bailey, but Alex wanted that for better reasons than Bailey did. And I think he should have gotten Cristina’s board position.

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"Got To Be Real" Sneak Peek